Town Councilor 

Ryan was born and raised in Randolph with his family off of Pleasant Street. Growing up, Ryan would attend church with his grandfather Tom every Sunday at St. Mary Parish. That is where Ryan found his passion for serving others. Ryan quickly became involved within the parish community as an altar server trainer, eucharistic minister, pastoral council member, 10th grade CCD teacher and much more. 

​A self inspired food drive to benefit the Randolph Friendly Food Pantry was the inception of Ryan's involvement at the food pantry and eventually the community as a whole. Soon after becoming acquainted with the pantry, Ryan became the volunteer Youth Coordinator and Assistant Director where he got to know and serve those in the community who were most in need. Working at the pantry motivated Ryan to pursue his work and involvement in government, starting with his home community. In 2013 he was hired to help roll out the single stream recycling program and eventually was hired full time as the Solid Waste and Recycling Coordinator for the Town of Randolph. Through his work at the Health Department, Ryan not only became acquainted with the functions of municipal government but with serving his community. It was  in that role and the many other volunteer positions in Town that Ryan felt the call to run for Town Council. 

​In June of 2015, Ryan announced his intentions to run for Town Councilor At-Large in the November election at just 19 years old. As the youngest candidate ever to run for Town Council, Ryan took a very progressive and proactive campaigning approach which garnered him a record 1,600 votes. Although it was a great showing for a first time, 19 year old candidate, Ryan was just 12 votes short of a seat on the Town Council. 

​Even after a tough loss, Ryan was determined to serve his community as a Town Councilor and announced his candidacy for Town Council again in 2017. Coming back a little older, with more experience but with the same passion, Ryan won a seat on the Town Council with over 2,000 votes coming in 3rd in a 10 person race. 

​Due to the unfortunate passing of Randolph Town Councilor Paul Fernandes in the midst of his term, the winner of the next election would start their term immediately, fulfilling the remainder of Councilor Fernandes' term. Being the non-incumbent candidate that garnered the most votes, Ryan was chosen to fill the remainder of Councilor Fernandes' term. On November 11th, 2017 Ryan was sworn in as Randolph's youngest elected and serving Councilor at the age of 22. Ryan won re-election in 2019 coming in second place in his At-Large position and was then unanimously elected the youngest Vice-President of the Town Council.

Being openly gay, Ryan takes pride being from and serving such a diverse community. Ryan has always felt welcome and accepted in the Randolph community and works everyday as a Councilor to ensure all residents feel the same. On June 8th, 2019 Ryan proudly represented Randolph as its first Councilor to walk in the Boston Pride Parade. 

Meet Ryan