"Randolph deserves better. Randolph deserves a Town Counilor that will work day in and day out to ensure that the needs of Randolph's residents are satisfied. Randolph deserves a Town Councilor who will not only be accessible to all who reach out but will dedicate time to reach out himself. I will be that Town Councilor; I will be your Town Councilor. Serving you and this community will be my first priority. I will bring a fresh approach to our new form of town government through my principles of Investment, Involvement and Improvement."

Invest in Randolph: Vote Ryan Egan this November.  

Accessibility Program 

Youth Empowerment Program 

No longer will any Randolph residents fall through the cracks. Accessibility isn’t just about residents reaching out to their councilors. It is about councilors making a concerted effort to reaching out to residents to gain new ideas, fresh perspectives and hear concerns. As a Town Councilor, this is how I plan to ensure residents are listened to:


  • Office Hours: Currently, no Town Councilors have official office hours at Town Hall. Once sworn in I will be instituting office hours at Town Hall every week on a weekday after 5PM where residents may come and share their concerns in a safe space.


  • Block Walks: I am committed to outreach as a Town Councilor. 'Block Walks' are similar to what I am doing now: going door to door to listen to the needs of residents. I will choose one or two different streets a month to personally go down and knock on each door to see what we can improve on as a Council and as a Town.


  • Call a Resident a Day: My entire platform is centered on being a new type of Town Councilor with fresh and creative ideas. Every day I will call a resident from the Town and have a one on one conversation with them regarding their personal opinion on how things are operating.


  • Video Updates: You live a busy life between children, school, work, etc. What does one do when they want to keep up with what’s happening but don’t have the time to watch a 2 hour Town Council meeting? Well, after every Town Council meeting I will personally record a 10 minute recap video of what occurred at the last meeting. That video will be kept on my website as well as on social media and YouTube.


  • Website: Once elected, my website will stay up and will be used as an easy navigation tool for residents to get: meeting agenda and minutes; upcoming events; my contact information; all of my recorded votes and to better stay in touch with residents.  




As the Youth Coordinator at the Friendly Food Pantry of Randolph and Solid Waste & Recycling Coordinator for the Town of Randolph, I witnessed many unguided students wander from place to place trying to fulfill mandatory community service hours. There is no guidance for students and no one is investing in them. That stops now. Once elected I will personally start and manage a youth community service program for Randolph students. The Youth Empowerment Program, as it will be called, will connect students with Local Businesses, Non-Profits, Local and State Government and will give them a choice as to what environment they believe they will flourish in. This program will give youth an opportunity to attain new skills, construct new relationships and create long lasting connections. The Youth Empowerment Program will help establish a productive symbiotic relationship between students and the community. Seniors need assistance picking up leaves, the Town can always use help picking up litter, small businesses would love to have a pair or two of extra hands, etc. We can transform the perspective of our youth simply by investing in them engaging them and making them stakeholders in the Randolph community.

Intergenerational Community Center 


The debate is no longer whether or not we need a community center, it is about how we choose to fund a community center. Randolph has a very unique and diverse population of race, culture, age, skill, etc. Realizing the privilege we have in such a diverse community is not enough. We must do something to help that diversity manifest. An intergenerational community center, I believe, is an integral part in making that success a reality. There are endless possibilities and opportunities with a center where we are challenged to bring ourselves together. The people of Randolph have shown their support for this project and so has our Town Manager. After reviewing the financial plan the Town Manager has laid out for us, I believe that funding an intergenerational community center through the existing funds is the correct step to make. We must invest financially as well as physically to create a great community. I believe that a plan that is fiscally responsible and does not raise taxes is the right move to make in our current situation.


Reviving Our Schools  

Twenty years ago, my family made the decision to move to Randolph. They did not however, decide to send me to Randolph Public Schools. I believe that today, they would still make that same decision. This shows me that we have been talking about the problem for well over 20 years but doing nothing about it. It is time to stop talking and start taking action. The Randolph Public School System is not a tax system. You cannot sit down one day, move a few things around, and implement them tomorrow to get a different result. We are teaching human beings within our school walls and we need to find human solutions. We must, as Town Councilors, physically go into schools, talk to students on at their level, and transform them. We must spend time with and invest in our students. We must read to younger classes; listen to the needs of students; work with teachers and create a sense of pride. We need new solutions, and new leadership.

Advocating for Seniors  

Our town would not be where or what it is without our senior citizens. Senior citizens play an integral role in our town’s government, development and ultimately, our success. Our elected officials must recognize the vulnerability and the issues facing our senior population. Working in the Board of Health Office and being a candidate I have had the opportunity to hear the needs of many of our seniors. Randolph’s seniors deserve a Town Councilor that they can count on and trust to work for them. In times of emergencies, such as the record snowfall last winter, Town Councilors should have a boots on the ground approach. I will be on the snow plows, leading teams of community service volunteers shoveling out seniors. I will partner my Youth Empowerment Program students with seniors who cannot rake their leaves on time for pick up. I will ensure that all of the elderly housing in town are clean, safe and up to human standards. Seniors are a large and unique population within our town and I will work tirelessly to guarantee that they and their needs are listened to.