Ryan's Priorities

Water / Environment

Like many of Randolph’s residents, Councilor Egan shares a great passion for the environment and the preservation/protection of it. Councilor Egan was formerly the Solid Waste & Recycling Coordinator for the Randolph Board of Health before leaving to run for Town Council. Ryan worked tirelessly to advance residents recycling efforts and made environmental education a top priority. That priority has stayed with him as your Town Councilor for the past two years and will continue to if elected to another term. Ryan also combined his professional experience with his passion for the environment as an Advance & Technical Specialist for the Department of Conservation and Recreation. 


That being said, Councilor Egan does not take the issues we have been experiencing with our water lightly. Ryan has been an advocate for an open, transparent and accountable government and has found that the Town leadership has done a tremendous job at communicating with the public the various issues that we are experiencing with the water. These issues are situational and have everything to do with the flood that occurred in April, compounded by an aging water treatment plant. Councilor Egan has reviewed countless documents regarding the water and treatment plant and has found that although we are experiencing issues, the water is safe to drink. Other than brown water, that residents should obviously not drink, the water has been tested and filtered. These issues will all be resolved in December when the new pumps are put in.


Councilor Egan has taken steps in his past two years to put savings together for the construction of the new water treatment plant. Our water infrastructure needs a complete review and Ryan will fight for that review when re-elected to office. If we are going to invest and build an 80 million dollar treatment plant, then the logical action to take in conjunction is to preform a complete review and audit of the tangible and intangible system respectively. 


If any resident has questions regarding their water they are more than welcome to reach out to Town Hall or to Councilor Egan. 

Economic Development

One of Ryan’s proudest accomplishments over the past two years as a new councilor was the deal he helped secure with AMRAMP as a member of the Economic Development Sub-Committee. Councilor Egan successfully negotiated a STA (Special Tax Agreement) that:


  • Continued to build our manufacturing sector that is on the rise nationally

  • Ensured AMRAMP becomes an active member of the community by donating to various community organizations and events

  • Created a deal that includes internships and co-ops available only to Randolph residents

  • Preference given to qualified Randolph residents in hiring 

  • Broaden our tax base long term by bringing in an entire company’s headquaters 

  • Fill a previously empty store front as promised in the last campaign

Although Councilor Egan believes the best way to have a flourishing economy is to have diversity in the type of business we bring in - it has been shown that manufacturing is on the rise nationally and is a good long term investment to attract into your community. Randolph is currently 3rd in manufacturing on the south shore. Ryan will work to make it #1 on the south shore and Massachusetts. 


Councilor Egan has and will continue to work side by side with the chamber of commerce and listen to our business community on how we can improve our tax formula, business relations, permit process, etc. He will continue to work creatively when helping create RFP’s for vacant storefronts and empty lots in order to bring in business that suits the Randolph community’s needs. 

Taxes / Housing

Councilor Egan has made a commitment not to vote to raise taxes over the 2.5 percent that is allowed under law. Ryan will continue to review the budget for waste and redundancy in order to promote fiscal responsibility and low taxes. He will also review the budget in a way where he will decide if we can do without the 2.5 percent increase at all. 


Relative to housing, Ryan acknowledges both the housing crisis and the will of residents to slow development. That is why Ryan will order a review of all town infrastructure (roads, water pipes, sidewalks, government buildings, etc.) and how we can improve it before he votes to create new housing. Councilor Egan has committed to NOT approving any more zoning changes for apartment complexes.


Ryan will push for a review in 2020 of the zoning code and commits to keeping the zoning code one that is friendlier to single family development over multi family development (apartment complexes) in order to preserve the ‘Town’ feel of our community. With that, Councilor Egan will also include legislation that will require mandatory review of the zoning code every 5 years starting in 2020. He will do this to ensure our zoning code is ‘with the times’ and serving our residents and business community appropriately. 



Due to a checkered past of negligence, financial mismanagement and lack of priorities, our infrastructure has fallen into disrepair. Councilor Egan has made a commitment to speeding up our road paving program; reviewing and updating our water main and distribution system; pushing for an external review of the condition of our Town buildings (including the schools); maximizing the potential of all town owned land and facilities; and continuing to improve our traffic patterns and procedures to better serve a growing community. 

Schools / Education

Councilor Egan believes that a high quality education should be readily available to all who seek it. He believes that this is one of the best investments a society can collectively make. Ryan served on the school committee for his first year in office and fought for all of the values there that he fought for on the Town Council. Our educational system in local government is the backbone of our community. Ryan has made a commitment to helping our schools thrive and live up to their full potential.


In the past year Councilor Egan has attended multiple school committee meetings and spoke up about bad practices and budget decisions made by the superintendent and the school committee. Ryan will continue to do this in the next two years to help keep the department that receives 1/2 of our municipal budget accountable and best performing for our students. 


Ryan believes that the school committee is the ultimate decider on the future of our schools as they set the agenda, policies, budget priorities that create the culture for students and staff. Ryan suggests that residents look into their school committee candidates and choose wisely. Councilor Egan will be supporting Andrea Nixon, Lisa Millwood, Kimberly Rowe, Duong Nguyen and Afrika Mills for school committee in the 2019 elections. He believes that they will set the right priorities for the school system that haven’t been previously given attention to. 


Ryan can be found at various school events supporting the football team, RHS band/choir, marching band and more. Councilor Egan believes having a presence in the school system as a Town Councilor can have a positive effect on the students and staff, especially considering his young age. 

Accountability, Accessibility & Transparency

Councilor Egan is extremely passionate about how our local government operates and handles outreach to residents. That is why Ryan pushed for Facebook Live for Town Council meetings, the only municipality in the state that has done such a thing. This has allowed residents to better tune into their local government and give feedback to their local officials. Ryan also runs his own website (this one) year round to better assist, better communicate with  and be more accessible to residents as their Town Councilor. In addition, Ryan runs 2 facebook pages that allow residents to engage online.


In June, the Council was tasked with hiring a new town manager. Ryan was chosen to be on the Town Manager Screening Committee - a big win for a new councilor. As the process began, Ryan (being very committed to the above 3 values in government) didn’t feel the process was transparent and organized enough which he shared those concerns multiple times with the council president at meetings and privately. Those concerns subsequently lead to Councilor Egan’s removal from the committee. Councilor Egan has shown he will do the right thing; fight for residents; and stand by a transparent government even at a personal cost.  

Diversity / Inclusion

Councilor Egan is openly and proudly gay. Ryan grew up in a neighborhood that was quite like most in Randolph - one with no majority of one race, ethnicity, language, religion, sexual orientation, immigration/citizenship status, age, etc. Randolph is the most diverse Town in Massachusetts and Ryan takes pride in being a lifelong resident here, living here and representing it as Randolph’s youngest councilor. Councilor Egan believes in fair treatment and practices for all of Randolph’s residents and only supports policies and procedures that do just that. 


In June of 2019 Councilor Egan proudly donated and raised the LGBT flag at Town Hall in celebration of LGBT Pride Month - which was done for the first time in the Town’s history. Ryan was also the first Councilor to represent himself and Randolph in the 2019 Boston Pride Parade.