Residents deserve time with their elected officials - that is theirs. As a Town Councilor, I will host weekly office hours at Town Hall, The Community Center, Decelle Drive Apartment Building and The Simon Fireman House. Residents are encouraged to use this time to share their concerns and ideas about Randolph and its future. 


During the campaign I knock on thousands of doors in Randolph to spread my message and listen to residents. After campaigning is finished, elected officials stop door knocking – not this one (to be)! Each month I will pick a neighborhood and take my time to knock on each and every door. I will use this opportunity to listen to the needs and concerns of residents and update them on any issues going on in town.

I will also take time out of each day to call one resident and listen to some ideas they have on making the Town a better place to live.


Once elected, my campaign website will be turned into a personal Town Councilor website where residents can go to follow everything I am doing, what is happening in town, and any other information they may need regarding our town government and community. It will be made easy to navigate for everyone.


Facebook is the most efficient way to share and receive information today and almost none of our current Town Councilors take advantage of this. I am committed to having a fully functional Facebook page that will be updated daily. A recap video of each Town Council meeting will be posted on my page and website after every meeting in order for residents to see highlights without having to watch a full 2.5 hour meeting. I will also live-stream each town council meeting on my page for residents to watch no matter where they are. It is my priority to engage residents in 21st century way.


Each new resident that buys a home in Randolph will get a personal door visit from me welcoming them to Randolph. New residents have chosen to buy a house in our community for a reason and it is my job to reaffirm that they have made the right investment. Engaging new residents will also help them become more easily involved in the community. Those who are involved, stay here.


In addition to an in person visit, I will ensure each new residents gets mailed a personal ‘Welcome Package’ from my office including: A welcome letter, Town Government Resources & Info, School Resources, Local Non-Profit & Business Resources and all of my contact information, office hours, etc.


Currently residents only have 3 minutes for public comments, and although this is done for practical purposes, the meetings belong to the residents. There should ne an avenue to speak more often. I would like to propose a system where if you would like to extend your 3 minutes you may do so in writing so many days before the meeting by filling out an easy form.