In order to bring in new and support current small businesses we must put together a support system for them. The Small Business Development Team will be run out of my office and will be comprised of local community stakeholders and business leaders.

This team will: 

- Provide Classes on Finances, Marketing, Advertising, Etc. 

- Provide Assistance with State and Local Permitting Process

- Connect Businesses with Local Resources to Network and Expand

- Sponsor a Yearly Contest to Attract and Build New Small Businesses

- Act as a Support System for Any and All Needs 


How strong our town is, depends on how strong our neighborhoods are. The Home Owner Micro Loan Program that I will put forth, helps home owners by providing them with a 0% interest loan to fix certain aspects of their property. This loan will be offered whether it is interior or exterior - fences, lawns, roofs, etc. The goal of this program is to help lift up our homes, hearts, and the face of our neighborhoods and community.


My time at the Board of Health gave me the opportunity to work with code enforcement keeping our neighborhoods strong and clean. My time with them also showed me how under-staffed and under-funded they really are. We must invest in the standards we hold close as a community which means, investing in code enforcement staff, so they can work with residents to maintain those standards.


Many of the problems that we face in regards to the multiple empty buildings in town stem from lack of initiative from the landlord. Under our Randolph Commercial Investment Initiative, we would offer landlords with empty commercial space, a tax incentive to fill their building with a long term tenant. This program will push for small, local businesses to fill these spots. 


Once elected, I will create a partnership with landlords to establish this program, unless however landlords are not willing to partner, a local vacancy ordinance will be created to fulfill this program. The goal of the "Pop-Up Program" is to fill vacant storefronts with temporary Pop-Up Businesses such as concept kitchens, artists galleries, community yard sale shops, etc.

This would allow our vast immigrant population to test out ethnic based restaurants at little risk, as well as, put high school and college aged students in a position to learn more about business, first hand. This would also fill our empty storefronts so they are not a blight on our streets and burden to our community.