I am committed to expanding our Pre-K Program in 3 ways:

- Instituting Longer Days & Improving Our Program 

- Making a Larger Effort to Enroll Low Income Families through a Voucher Program 

- Allocating More Funding to Ensure These Goals (and more) Become a Reality 


Once elected, I will work to create a partnership with the residents at the Simon C. Fireman Community, which houses many retired teachers, and the Randolph Public Schools to help create a tutoring and mentor-ship program. This will provide the out of classroom assistance students need, as well as, involve our seniors with our youth. This also helps bridge the generational gap and form amazing relationships within our community.


Once a week, I will visit either the middle school or high school, sit at the lunch tables and eat school lunch with students. I will use this time to build relationships and listen to our students and their ideas. Input from students is often taken lightly, however, our young people are a huge asset in our community and they should be heard and engaged. Our students need to know that there is someone in their community that cares for them and someone to look up to.


Schools have a trickle-down effect. What we do to support and encourage our teachers will trickle down to our students. That is why I am committed to holding monthly listening sessions for staff  at each school to gauge the needs, concerns and questions of ALL the staff. From Custodial Staff, Lunch Staff, Teachers to Administration the focus will be on listening to them, not talking to them. They will have the only microphone, unless I am asked a direct question.


I will sponsor, financially and otherwise, speakers (including myself) for schools on certain topics to help educate, engage and involve students. I believe that getting students out of the classroom once in a while to listen to a business owner, veteran, public servant, Non-Profit Director, etc. will help, not only diversify their understanding of education, but will help make them more engaged within the classroom.


Job and College Fairs for students will be something that I will host and sponsor each year. It is imperative for students to know that it is equally okay to work as it is to go to college. For many low income students college sometimes isn’t an option or an immediate option. As for others who do not feel they will thrive in college, they should be able to explore their options. Bringing in colleges to help educate students on what they have to offer is also a good sign that investment in Randolph and its students are a priority.